Debt Collection: The primary focus of our practice  is the collection of commercial and consumer debts. We handle debt collection actions in both Delaware and Maryland's Eastern Shore. Our trained staff uses the latest specialized software to efficiently navigate placements through the collection and litigation process. With our software we have the capability of providing clients with client or consumer specific reporting. This includes financial and history reporting as well as the ability to generate custom reports for client specific needs.

Our firm conforms to the increasingly stringent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) compliance standards. This includes having a well documented procedure for every step of the collection process, call monitoring and an established training and testing program to ensure our staff is knowledgeable and compliant with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and other similar consumer protection statutes. Additionally, our office is monitored by video surveillance, has restricted system access and other security measures to protect consumer data.

Corporations: We help individuals incorporate new or existing businesses as corporations or limited liability companies. We also serve as registered agents through our related company, Registered Agents & Incorporators of Delaware, Inc. Click here for further information.

Creditor Rights in Bankruptcy: We represent creditors of individuals or businesses who have filed bankruptcy. Common services include motions for relief from stay to permit repossession, defending voidable preference actions, filing proofs of claim and complaints objecting to the dischargeability of a debt. We do not assist individuals to file bankruptcy individually or for their business.